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Did you know that cruise lines lose money when they sail with empty cabins and they very much prefer to fill every cabin and bunk before they depart port?

To avoid sailing with empty cabins, they allow people who know this secret to get on board and take a wonderful cruise vacation by just paying the Port Fees for the cabin booked.

So simply call 855-254-6992 to see what destinations and cruise dates are available for you to take a FREE CRUISE*.

Claim Your Free Cruise

1. Call 855-254-6992

Call Royal Seas Cruises to claim your free cruise and see what dates are available for you to take a free cruise.

2. Confirm and Pay Port Fees

Confirm your travel dates and pay the port fees and governmental taxes of $65 per person.

*Traveler responsible for port fees and governmental taxes of $65 per person (assumes double occupancy) at time of registration. Cruise Ship reserves the right to charge an additional fuel supplement of $12 per person per day on all passengers, to be collected at time of embarkation. Not available in AK, FL, HI, ND, VT and WI.

3. Enjoy your free vacation

Take a free trip, recharge your batteries, and enjoy some fun in the sun activities.

The Travel Deal


Enjoy a Tropical 2-Night Bahamas Cruise for 2 Adults for only $65 per person!*
(Up to $500 Retail Value)
Don‘t miss out . . .
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Mon – Fri 9 AM – 11 PM, and Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM

The Experience

You and a guest will enjoy a 2 Night Cruise to the Bahamas aboard a Royal Seas Cruises cruise ship. Royal Seas Cruises is the proud operator of the Grand Celebration, selected as the Best Bahamas Cruise Getaway by the editor in chief of Porthole Cruise Magazine!

Your Fun-Filled Cruise Includes:

  • Well appointed comfortable cabin
  • 11 Distinctive Restaurants, Bars & Lounges
  • 3 Refreshing Pools & 2 Jacuzzi’s on Deck
  • Performance Center with Live Entertainment
  • Luxurious Casino, Spa, Sauna & Wellness Center
  • Enjoy a fun-filled day in port where you can relax on white sand beaches, snorkel crystal clear reefs, jet ski, para-sail, ride horseback, swim with the dolphins, and so much more!

Enjoy The Cruise

Don’t wait to make the call.  There are a limited number of cabins available on each cruise.   Call today to see if dates are available that fit your schedule.

The Secret…

1. The Cost Is The Cost

The cost of operating the cruise ship is pretty much the same if all cabins are filled or half of them are empty.  So they win if they fill the cabins.

2. Making A Little Money Is Better Than None

It’s a vacation, so they know that once you are on board and are enjoying your free vacation, you are very likely to participate in an excursion, attend an on ship event, gamble in the casino, purchase cocktails, and more than likely you will spend some money on other ship amenities as well.  Making a little money is better than none!

3. Making A Good Impression

They hope that if you love the experience on the cruise, you will come back for more cruise vacations and become a loyal cruise line customer.

So it makes complete sense for them to fill their empty cabins and let you have a wonderful vacation, with a huge chunk of the cost eliminated.

Cruise Gallery

Check out some of the pictures taken by travelers who took advantage of the free cruise deals in the past.   There is nothing like taking a little quality time, especially when you can get a great deal like this.

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